• Phones are the #1source of distraction in the workplace, accounting for an average of 56 lost minutes per day.

  • Every time a worker looks at his or her phone, their risk of an error or accident increases by  400% for the next 5 seconds.


WorkMode counts minutes of screen time when employees are on-site and on-shift

  • Employer receives actionable weekly email of employee phone use at work

  • Personal vs. work use is broken out

  • Get suggestions for reducing team or individual usage

WorkMode app (employee view)


WorkMode serves as a centralized safety messaging platform

  • Send employees messages and checklists to ensure critical safety information is read

  • Share emergency alerts instantaneously

  • No need to keep track of worker personal phone numbers or email addresses


Your web dashboard

is a complete workplace safety homepage

  • Track phone usage on-shift for teams and individuals​

  • Use the geofence to ensure workers are where they are supposed to be

  • Quickly reach your team with messages and emergency alerts

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